Is Travel MLM the Right Business for You

Travel MLM

The short answer to:  Is Travel MLM the right business for you is  —  maybe.  Do your due diligence.  If you are seriously considering starting a business, the first rule is to do your research.  It makes no difference if you’re starting a restaurant, hair salon or a Travel MLM.  Today you literally have at your finger tips a number of search engines that put a wide array of information on your desk top.  Take advantage of it.  Weigh the information on a single sheet of paper.  List the questions you want to answer down the left side of the page.  Make four columns, pro, con, yes or no.  Now you have a big picture view of how Travel MLM stacks up for you.

Is travel MLM a legitimate business opportunity?

Ah yes, is Travel MLM legitimate?  The real question, “Is MLM legitimate?  Does anyone really doubt that being a travel agent is legitimate?  Let’s quickly and early in this article put this to rest.  MLM businesses are not only legitimate, they are also solid business opportunities.  I love Amy Posner’s statement, “MLM is the business that people love to hate.”  And why?  Because it is different.  No other reason.  MLM businesses of all kinds, including Travel MLM, simply do business differently than traditional business.

That does not make them shady, illegal, wrong or bad.  It makes them different.  Different has always gotten a tough rap until those afraid of change finally come round.  Fortunately that seems to be happening more and more as MLM companies are found in all the same places as more traditional companies are found.  Even Warren Buffet got into the act with Buffet Network Marketing.

Some Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting a Travel MLM Business

It is always a good idea to check out any company you are considering investing your time and money into.  Typically MLM businesses don’t require much of an investment.  If your product is something you need to stock, then you could end up with a healthy amount of money invested.  However, in this day of ‘autoship’ that does not happen often.  It would make sense that Travel MLM doesn’t have much inventory.

That said, your time is worth everything.  Once you’ve spent your time, you can’t get it back.  Gone.  Thus, make sure the particular Travel MLM company your connect yourself with is strong and offers you most everything you need to get started.

Some people only want to work with a company that has been around for a ‘proven’ period of time.  Others are willing to take more of a risk with a new company that hits the deck running with great leadership and solid financial backing.  The bottom line, do your due diligence and choose the right company for you.

Are you a Travel Agent if you Start a Travel MLM Business Opportunity

Being a travel agent should not be your first focus.  Here’s why.  If you are seriously looking at a Travel MLM business there are bigger things on the table than acquiring lots and lots of customers.  If you are servicing customers all day long, you have not really started a business.  You have purchased yourself a job.

You have job security as long as you keep working, i.e. keep servicing lots of customers.  However, if you want the most out of your MLM Travel business venture your goal in is to take advantage of the leverage and residual income inherent in the MLM business model.

Before anyone gets their knickers in a twist, I’m not saying you shouldn’t have customers.  Of course you should.  And your customer service should be incredible.  You want your customers addicted to you and your service.  Every legitimate business services some kind of customer with some kind of service or product.  Every legitimate business and your MLM Travel business is no exception.  The issue at hand is how many customers you want to be serving.

The smarter model in your MLM Travel business (any MLM business) is for you to get a number of loyal customers you service and then build a team of other people who do the same.  Now you are leveraged.  You are being paid on your efforts plus the efforts of others.  Brilliant.  Not by the way a new concept, that is exactly what the owner of the company you work for does.

Robert Kiyosaki, CPA and author of Rich Dad Poor Dad talks about this in his Cash Flow Quadrant model.  His ‘rich Dad’ schooled him to be a business owner and investor.   His ‘poor Dad’ counseled go for security and be an employee or solopreneur.  If you are looking for time freedom and flexibility you will not find it as an employee or a solo entrepreneur.  When you do all the work you only make money when you are working. 

Bottom Line

The Travel MLM business model, like all MLM businesses, offers you a unique opportunity.  Without a huge capital investment you can leverage off of the corporation you partner with.  Bring your focus and diligence to the table.  Work smart and systematically and you can build a lucrative business loaded with leverage and residual without ever having an employee.  I’d say that is a feather in the cap of the Travel MLM  business.  Legitimate?  You bet.  And smart.  Very smart.


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  • Jon Patrick

    Reply Reply November 4, 2013

    Very, very nice article and summary. Travel MLM has a lot of advantages – easily explained product being a big one, and a huge market.
    Most people interested in Network Marketing want a better lifestyle, more time, more money, and better vacations.
    Take a look, avoid those with outrageous sign-up fees, and it is a solid and lucrative market!

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