Mary Kay Tips to Build a Strong Business

Who drives a Mary Kay Cadillac?  Who walks the stage at Mary Kay Conventions?  Team builders.  Right there is the Mary Kay tip you want to follow.  Build a team if you want to get the most out of your Mary Kay business.

Mary Kay Tips for Success

But before you can build the team you want, you need to figure out just exactly what it is that you want from your Mary Kay business.  We are a big proponents of Ready – Fire – Aim.  Waiting until you are perfect is the ‘perfect’ key to procrastination.  That’s not going to build you a business.  That said, of the solid Mary Kay tips is to decide what you want from your Mary Kay business and go after it.

What do we mean by this?  What do you want your Mary Kay business to do for you?  If you are looking for more control over your time and more money to spend in that time, building a team is what is necessary.   If you only want a hundred dollars or so each month and want to only work with clients then building that client list is most important.  Both are just fine to do, but one will give you a great deal more money than the other.  And it doesn’t necessarily take any more time either.

Everyone in Mary Kay wants a healthy group of satisfied and loyal customers.  After all your Mary Kay products are what drive revenue to your bottom line.  However, we believe the best Mary Kay tips we can offer are how to coach you to build a team.  If you take action on that Mary Kay tip and build a thriving team you  gain leverage.  The beauty of leverage in your Mary Kay business is it is achieved by helping others get started earning and making their dreams come true.

Mary Kay TipsTeam Building Mark Kay Tips

If you put these Mary Kay Tips to work, you can build a thriving, sustainable business.

  • Take advantage of every aspect of the Mary Kay compensation plan.
  • Make sure your new Mary Kay representative knows what to do and HOW to do it.
  • Have a solid training follow up appointment with your new representatives.
  • Role play their first appointment calls.  Don’t talk about them ROLE PLAY
  • Help them decide when they are going to work .. and when they are not.

Of course it helps if you do all these things for yourself too.  (Duh)  You’ll come from a real place of experience if you have used these Mary Kay tips to move yourself forward.  You’ll be prepared for questions and have a firsthand knowledge of what can come up along the journey.

Get Your Best Mary Kay Tips from Those Who are Already Successful

Look to others who have been successful.  Ask them for their best Mary Kay tips.  Find out what worked for them.  Be sure to be explicit.  Ask a lot of ‘how did you do that?’ questions.  People too often tell us what they did, but they don’t tell us how they did it.  Duplication only works if you can offer that you talked to 10 or 110 people each week and then HOW you did that.  No point in telling someone I spoke to 65 people each week and not telling them HOW you found the 65 people.  Ask questions.  Remember the Mary Kay Tips you put under your belt will help you get where you want to go.  So ASK.

Your upline will share what they do.  You are not bothering anyone.  The network marketing, direct sales, or mlm business model(s) are built on a business model of cooperation rather than competition.  Go to your most successful upline and pick her brain.  If you are really prepared to go to work, she will spend time with you and share her Mary Kay tips.  It truly is a win win situation.

Mary Kay Tips for Activity Management

Every place you’ve worked has given you working parameters.  They told you what days to work and from what time to what time.  What’s the reason for that?  Right in order to make sure that things get done.  There is no one now to tell you when to come to work and when to quit, but YOU.  It is your job to determine your working hours.

This is by far the is one thing that most people coming into Mary Kay don’t do.  If you want your family on board and NOT always asking if you’re ever going to get off the phone, of all the Mary Kay tips implement this one.  It will keep you, your family and your team happy.  Everyone will know when you’re available and when you’re not.  Plus, it’s a great example to live.  You may be building your Mary Kay business to have more control over your time and what you do in it.  Start now.

If you’d like help prioritizing what to do in the limited time you have, check out Savvy Sponsoring Setting Store Hours.  It is a sure way to work a heck of a lot less, in a much more organized fashion with you calling the shots  —  and making a lot more money.

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