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Building any network marketing business requires determination, great work habits and time.  There is a learning curve to all new businesses.  Primerica because its products take licensing, requires an additional commitment.  Once you’ve invested the time to pass those exams, it’s time roll up your sleeves and get to work.

What does work look like?  Yes, you want to develop a ‘book’ of customers.  You want a loyal customer base of ‘end users.’  You have insurance products to sell, financial products to sell and financial advice to give.  Like every business your product drives revenue to your bottom line.

But you have something else driving revenue to you and if you never listen to another Primerica help tip again, listen to this one.  Your compensation plan is built on the network marketing model.  That means your business model is built on cooperation rather than competition, you are leveraged and there is an abundance of residual income available to you over and above what your own customers generate.  What does that mean?  Build a team of people just like you.

Primerica Help Tip One

Once you have your licensing in place, and are building your personal customer base, it is now time to build yourself a team.  What do we mean?  It is time to find other people, like you, who want more than they have.

Primerica Help Tip Two

Where do you find these people?  Every person you talk to about financial needs or packages has their attention tuned to money.  They are a perfect audience to ask (once you’ve filled their immediate insurance and investment needs) if they keep their ‘other’ financial options open.

Prepare yourself an excellent introduction to your business opportunity.  One that is basically the same each time but that you can easily customize to their personal circumstances.  This Primerica Help Tip will change your game …  if you prepare your script.

Primerica Help Tip Three

Your script must do a few things:

(1)  Tell them why you would like to work with them.  Compliment them.  You’ve just spent time with them.  What did you learn about them?  Why do you think they would benefit from being a Primerica Agent?  We all like to hear that someone thinks we are bright, solid, reliable, clever ..  you get the picture.

(2)  Tell them why you think the company is great through telling your story.  Tell your story in a way that they can relate to it.

(3)  Offer your help to work with them to put their dreams  on the fast track.   Considering you just spent time with them as a client helping them make their dreams come true, this should not be a terribly difficult task.

(4)  Primerica Help Tip 3 ½   –  Listen. Listen. Listen.  So you really do KNOW what makes them tick.  Why they are in front of you in the first place.

Primerica Help Tip Four

Building any business takes time.  It means being vulnerable and trying new things.  It means learning new things.  It means failing.  Failing often in the beginning.  Your success depends on it.

Preparation is the key to your success.  Don’t confuse preparation with procrastination.  Yes, sit down and prepare what you are going to say.  But don’t take weeks.  You get minutes, maybe 10 minutes maybe 30 minutes.  But then put what you’ve prepared to work.  Be curious.  Sample questions to ask yourself:  How well did you do?  Where they comfortable?  Were you?  Why?

If you would like help with prospecting, scripts and a solid way to introduce your business opportunity, check out our Power Prospecting course.  It’s online and ready to go now, if you are.

Primerica Help Tip Five

  • Knowing who you are going to talk to
  • Making sure you know what you are going to say
  • Having a solid appointment with yourself to make the calls
  • Being clear about what you the person you are talking with needs to do next
  • Make a solid follow up appointment with them

If you follow these five steps every day with everyone you talk to, it will completely change your game.  This Primerica help tip is the key to your business flow.  If you would like to have the complimentary pdf that covers these tips, go here.  Look for the box that says, 5 Steps to Work Less and Make More Money in MLM .  Put your name and email address in the box and voila the pdf will be on its way.

Primerica Help Tip Six

Follow up is the magic word in your business.  There is a huge amount of money left on the table in network marketing (as well as every business unfortunately).  Put together a follow up system that keeps you on track and never leave money on the table again.  If you would like help putting together a follow-up system that will keep track of your prospects, remind you of your calls and help introduce people to the network marketing industry, check this out.

Primerica Help Tip Six

You are in an industry that makes millionaires.  Many of them.  You are in a business that has contributed to making those millionaires.  As soon as someone says millionaires that should tell you there is a trick.  There is.  Treat what you have as a business.  Not. A. Hobby.  Treat it like it is worth a million dollars.  Treat it like it can bring you whatever it is you want.  It. Can.  Your sweat equity is necessary.  Your personal growth is necessary.  Your business skills are necessary.  This is not about perfection.  Perfection is a fools game.  You’ll never get there.  It is about preparation, inspiration and perspiration.

Primerica Help Tip Seven

Go. To. Work!  Now.  Not. later.  Now.

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