MLM University as Network Marketing Training Alternative

MLM UniversityMLM University certainly has an attractive ring to its name—a university where you can learn all the deep and elusive secrets of the network marketing industry.  However, MLM University ( is more than just an attractive name.  It is actually a great place to get solid training for your foray into the highly competitive network marketing industry—and plenty of satisfied network marketers are heaping praises on MLM University, calling it one of the best educational and training resources in the industry.

The MLM University offers a network marketing program that will help you increase your sales through a specifically designed coaching and training module.  An MLM University training program will help its students to learn how to generate, organize, and respond to unique leads—a series of activities that is very important in the network marketing industry.  Plus, there are also training and coaching sessions that will help students develop their communication skills to build better relationships with their prospects and colleagues.

About the MLM University

MLM University was founded by Hilton and Lisa Johnson, a couple who has been in the network marketing industry for at least two decades.  Hilton and Lisa Johnson are the brains behind the best-selling concept of Attraction Selling (or attraction marketing in some circles).  This concept displaces the traditional modes of selling in the network marketing industry, which include manipulation, hype, and the age-old persuasion.

The “university” offers its training and coaching sessions through teleconference, which is perfect for busy network marketing businesspeople who do not have the time to enroll in an actual university program that will require them to physically come to class. MLM University is the best way for you to learn all about the secrets of network marketing if you do not have the time to shuttle to and from a physical school.  With MLM University, you do not have to spend the effort and time, or even the expense, of traveling to your training and coaching sessions.

The concept of marketing by attraction is also introduced by MLM University, and this is a great way to promote products without spending your hard-earned money buying lists of leads and placing expensive ads.  The Johnson couple has worked with the top names in the network marketing industry in order to make this happen: from Bob Proctor, Brain Tracy, Harvey Eker, Joe Vitale, Zig Zigler, and a whole lot more.  Hilton and Lisa Johnson have also authored plenty of articles in the subject matter, specializing on international network marketing.  These articles can often be seen in major business publications worldwide.

The MLM University is a great way to learn how to build your multi-level marketing company in the most cost efficient way possible.  The trainers also offer interesting insight and good alternative methods to use in this fast-paced economy.

While the MLM University does not offer a “real” degree, you will be sure to finish this interactive course with plenty of real knowledge and skills that you can use in your very own network marketing business. Check out this page more information on University style Network Marketing Training.

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