Warren Buffet Network Marketing: What is it about?

Whether you work a multi-level marketing business or not, chances are you have heard of the Buffet network marketing company.  Warren Buffet is inarguably one of the most prominent personalities in the business world.  When he bought Pampered Chef he demonstrated once more the viability and strength of the network marketing business model (also known as multi-level marketing [MLM] or direct sales).  The Buffet network marketing model is one more example of  the professional opportunity available to someone with dreams, entrepreneurial spirit, and the drive to get there.

Buffet network marketing and the Pampered Chef

Pampered Chef was founded in the 1980’s by Doris Christopher. She borrowed three thousand dollars (for capital) against a life insurance policy.  A shrewd businesswoman, Doris Christopher grew Pampered Chef into a solid network marketing company.  Her business model and management style obviously impressed Buffet.  So did the Pampered Chef financials.  In 2003 Warren Buffet, Pampered Chef and Buffet Network Marketing hit the news.

Pampered Chef is an ideal company.  It had no debt, constantly pulled high profits, operated by a skilled and well trained management team and enjoyed overseas expansion.  Here is what is interesting.  Pampered Chef is not an anomaly.  Yet the network marketing industry is often derided as ‘less than’ even though these kinds of financial and business statistics are common.  Yes common.  Why is network marketing derided?  It doesn’t look like traditional business.  The business model is different.  Very different.  Warren Buffet’s success is for lots of reasons.  One could argue that the Buffet network marketing business shows his willingness to work outside of the box.  Working out of the box certainly opens up the field of (solid) opportunity for many of us who don’t have access to the Buffet resources.

The intent of the combination of the Buffet network marketing and Pampered Chef, is to expand on the success of Doris Christopher.  Traditional business industry experts may have been somewhat surprised at the Buffet network marketing endeavor.  But no one familiar with the network marketing business model was surprised.  As Amy Posner says, “Network Marketing is the industry people love to hate.”  Why?  Unlike Buffet, most of them simply do not do their homework.

Buffet network marketing did a great job in choosing Pampered Chef as a partner.  Both companies know the importance of hard work, determination and drive.  For many people, the Buffet network marketing business opportunity is one of the most reliable and profitable in the industry as it has effortlessly combined the expertise of Warren Buffet and Doris Christopher.

Success in the industry, however, does not rely on any name alone.  Pampered Chef in the Buffet network marketing holdings or any other good network market company (and there are many) plus your smart and diligent work is what will build your success.  Choosing your company is the first step.  Next be sure to use a system that will help you build your multi-level marketing success .  Your dreams turned into intentions powered by a successful company and YOUR work, smarts and desire will make those dreams a reality.  But you are a vital ingredient to your success. Vital Ingredient.

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